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Being one with nature can be very therapeutic so

why not take your therapy session outdoors:

This sounds interesting - I would like more information:

These sessions are designed to enable you to have professional counselling in person, but with fresh air and social distancing. They are a great way of motivating yourself to get out of the house or away from your desk too. The sessions give you time to talk through your issues, as we walk along the specially designated route. Our walks can also incorporate mindfulness, meditation and creative therapy, if I think the techniques will be helpful for you.

Are there any benefits for taking therapy outdoors?

Nature is so therapeutic and being immersed in it, can improve your mental health / wellbeing. Nature, fresh air and a change of scenery can all help to alleviate anger, anxiety and stress. These sessions can also help you to ground yourself more, be present and feel more relaxed.

Where would we walk during these sessions?

I offer 'Walk, Talk & Refresh' sessions in locations within Southampton, Fareham, Lee-on-the-Solent and Portsmouth. All locations are easily accessible from the M27 / A27 and have council carparks (low cost but chargeable). Prior to your first outdoor session, we will agree the date, time, exact meeting point and I will set some clear working boundaries with you, which are designed to keep us both safe.


Are these walks still professional counselling?

Yes, absolutely these sessions are still valued as professional and ethical counselling.


How much are these sessions?

'Walk, Talk & Refresh' sessions are £65 per session. 


I have limited mobility so can I still have this type of session?

These sessions are designed to be disability-friendly within reason. I have chosen certain routes to accommodate wheelchairs / scooters and it doesn't matter if you are able to walk 1 meter or 2 miles, as all routes have benches along them to ensure that we can sit down.  All routes are fully risk- assessed for the purpose of my 'Walk, Talk & Refresh' sessions and you can still gain so much for just simply venturing outside despite the distance we go.


What about the weather?

The weather in the UK can of course can be unpredictable! It is always good to come prepared for all weather types, even if the sun is shining! Sensible footwear is advised and a coat / umbrella. If the weather is not on our side, I will use my professional judgment to determine if the 'Walk, Talk & Refresh' session is safe enough to go ahead. I will inform you asap, if we need to either reschedule the session or revert to online therapy. 

What if I see someone I know whilst we are outside together?

It is understandable that you may wish to keep the fact that you are seeing a counsellor private. We will agree a working strategy together prior to our first session, so that whilst outdoors, I keep you feeling safe and prepared, if we were to encounter someone you know on our route.


What time of day do you offer these sessions?

During British summer time (April - October) outdoor sessions run from 10am till 7pm. During British winter time (November to March) outdoor sessions run from 10am - 3pm.

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