Counselling became my career after seeing how life-changing & powerful it can be when you finally find your voice.  By working through my own life experiences with a professional counsellor, I finally found my 'authentic-self' for the very first time & I loved it.

No one should feel defined by their past experiences; good or bad. Sometimes life isn't in our control, but it's how we move forward from these chapters that count. I am known for the mantra 'onwards & upwards'. We are only human and can't predict what will come our way; however we can choose to process the journey of where we have been, regain our strength & see how we can move forwards, no matter what has been placed in our way.

My professional training led me to complete my Diploma in Humanistic Counselling from the University of Chichester. I have worked within University & NHS counselling services. I actively attend professional career development seminars / webinars, to benefit my client work. I hold my 'Introduction to Mindfulness (MBSR) Certificate'. This enables me to incorporate mindfulness techniques within sessions with my clients when it is suitable. I am also the founder & creator of the wellbeing blog #refresh.


 Let's make you a priority in your own life.


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