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I am a highly experienced counsellor, who has gained a wealth of experience of working with clients across

a broad range of backgrounds and diversities.

My training and experience has led me to be able to support clients who have experienced issues surrounding:

Adoption, Abuse, Anger, Anxiety, Asylum, Bereavement, Boundaries, Climate change, Colourism, Chronic illness, Disability, Gender, Identity, Intimacy, LGBTQ+, Life transitions, Loss, Menopause, Neurodiversity, Racial identity, Relationships, Self-esteem, Self-worth, Sexuality, Sex, Stress & War.

Counselling became my career choice, after finding out first hand how life-changing & powerful therapy really can be. Life isn't easy and sometimes things aren't always fair or within our control. However in choosing to process the journey so far, we can potentially move forwards with power and a higher level of self-regard

My professional qualification in Counselling was undertaken at the University of Chichester and was accredited

by the BACP with a 'Gold Book' curriculum standard. 

Alongside my private work, I work for the patient counselling service at the Somerville Heart Foundation . I also hold an 'Introduction to Mindfulness (MBSR) Certificate', which enables me to safely incorporate mindfulness techniques with my clients.


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